Callnet's Voice ServicesOverview

Moving your business to IP Telephony is standard business with today’s internet speeds. Using VOIP will enable your business to access a wide range of advanced telephony features – traditionally supplied via a physical PABX phone system – at a fraction of the cost.

How VOIP works

  • Callnet provides you with an internet connection where required, within 5 working days
  • We provide the phone hardware and router that connects to the internet
  • We port your number within 5 working days
  • You make calls across the internet and save money

Benefits For Your Business

  • One access point for you business via the internet
  • Numbers are non-geographical specific
  • You can increase or decrease your lines for seasonality
  • Self-management through our comprehensive online portal


  • Simple install – singular port for your phone and PC
  • No extra wiring costs
  • Easy to grow – Just add another phone, plug and play
  • Phones can be used on any internet connection
  • Extensive call management capabilities [read more]

Installation and Transfer Process

The installation and transfer process is straightforward – click here to read more

Get Started: Order below now or call 0508 000 747

Voip Line$15

  • Single number on your IP Phone


  • Say goodbye to your old fax machine

Port My Number$25

  • Port your number from your previous provider