Ultra Fast Broadband Now Available

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Callnet is delighted to announce that Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is now available to select Auckland based customers, with additional New Zealand-wide UFB availability expected to grow as the nationwide Government driven UFB rollout programme continues. The business sector is a priority for Ultra-Fast Broadband delivery, with a policy goal of most businesses having access to the network by 2015 (according to current Government estimations). UFB is delivered via fibre optic cable that must be installed in the street and … Continue reading

Callnet Launches Complete Office Solution

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Callnet’s Complete Office is a comprehensive package that provides an “all you need” solution for your business, including Voice, Data and Internet. At the launch event, CEO Mark Seavill said Callnet is now providing total guaranteed solutions that work.  Small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand and Australia now have easy access to advanced telephony functionality that traditionally was only available to those who made big investments in hardware. With the advancement of internet speeds across the country, SMEs … Continue reading