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General Questions (12)

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes Callnet can port your phone number (PSTN) from your old network provider.

Can I make calls to 0900 numbers

No, calls to 0900 numbers (or Premium Rate Lines) are not normally available. However we can review these on a case by case basis if the company being called was reputable and the rate to call is fixed.

Please contact us for more information.

Does every line have its own set of features?

Yes – each Callnet phone and fax line has a separately configurable set of phone or fax features.


Do I get a voicemail box with every phone line?

Yes – every Callnet phone line has its own voicemail and a host of other features.

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What happens if there is a power cut?

The Callnet service requires power to work – your broadband modem and PC will not function without it.

However you can use the Remote Access services if you have no power at your current location.

How does the fax service work?

The Callnet fax service uses the T.38 standard to send and receive real time fax over IP, enabling fax machines from different vendors to interoperate. In the T.38 architecture, fax signals are demodulated at the voice/ fax gateway and sent over the IP network as IP fax packets using either TCP or UDP, depending on the service environment.

TCP provides 100% error-free transmission, but the downside is reduced real-time performance. Routers discard TCP packets first when congestion occurs. UDP has good real-time performance, since routers do not discard datagrams as readily as TCP packets. However, the downside of UDP is a reduced quality of service. It is possible for datagrams to get lost, arrive out of order, or to be duplicates.

At the other end of the IP network, the remote gateway decodes IP fax packets and regenerates fax signals.

What about your Faxmail service?

Callnet’s Faxmail also uses T.38. Faxes are delivered real time to your specified email inbox.

When you send a fax it is delivered real time to the recipient. You receive email confirmation on whether your fax has been sent successfully or not.

What services are available in my area?

We can usually supply services to most urban and rural areas that have broadband coverage.

To check that service is available in your area, please click here

Where can I find user guides?

A range of user guides are available on our site. Click here for user guides

What features will I get

Callnet offers a large number of features on VoIP.

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Where can I manage my features?

You can login to your client management portal to set up and modify a wide range of features.

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About VOIP (6)

Can I use a normal telephone?

Yes you can!  If you use a Analogue Phone Adapter (aka ATA) Device you will be able to use your existing handset no matter if it’s corded or cordless.

Ssimply plug your handset into the ATA device and you can use VOIP in just the same way as your existing old phone line connection.

Can I call normal phones using VOIP?

Yes, you can. You can call normal phones as well as mobile phones on any network in the world.

Can I get VOIP in my area?

Yes. No matter where you are in New Zealand, Callnet can provide you with a VOIP connection. Just make sure you have a broadband internet connection first.

What happens if I lose my internet connection

If you lose your internet connection you can setup your phones to automatically redirect to another number (e.g. your mobile) so you will not lose any incoming calls.

What if I have a monitored alarm?

Most monitored alarm services will not work on a VoIP line unless you have special hardware and an alarm monitoring company setup to do this.

AlarmNZ are one of the few providers in NZ who are setup and can monitor alarms via a broadband internet connection http://www.alarmnz.com

Or you can simply retain a single analogue phone line for use with your alarm system.

Can I make calls to 0800 numbers

Yes, you can call 0800, 0508 and most other regular types of numbers using your VoIP line.

Installation (2)

Is this easy to install?

Yes, installing VOIP is very easy. If you are using the VOIP device supplied by Callnet you simply plug one cable into your internet connection and then plug your phone into the VOIP Device.

Everything else we configure on our end for you and if you need support – just call us.

How does installation happen?

Installation varies from customer to customer and from product to product – so it really depends upon what services you will be ordering.

Please see this page for detailed information.

Billing (4)

Do your prices include GST?

No, all pricing is exclusive of GST at the prevailing rate (currently 15%).

How do I change plans?

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan, please contact us so that we can best assist you.

How can I check my billing usage?

You can login to the client billing portal at any time to check your billing.

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What are the calling rates?

Calling rates are dependent upon the plan you choose or have chosen.

To find out more, please contact us.