logoCallnet is a telecommunications billing business which specialises in charging for technology services with real time aggregation. Our wholesale relationships allow for solutions with telecommunication calling, VoIP communications solutions, data, internet and tollfree services. All our offers are solution based, providing strategies to align, reduce costs and to keep a business moving forward with technology.

Callnet billing platform connects to the carriers/suppliers for real time information to manage expenditure and productivity, with our approach to connect to new technology allows us to be flexible with how and why we buy and sell services to deliver the solution long term.


Callnet’s CEO, Mark Seavill, has a long history of telecommunications industry and billing software expertise. He has held a wide variety of positions within the industry and is passionate about providing SME’s with reliable services to run their business communications better, faster, more effectively and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

About our team

The Callnet team is based fully on-shore in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.  The call centre sales team are ready and available to assist you with your telecommunications needs during business hours; Monday – Friday.

Our support team are just a phone call or email away.