Green UFB Fibre Optic Cable

With Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) services being rolled out across the country, the opportunity to improve productivity for New Zealand businesses is substantial.

The business sector is a priority for Ultra-Fast Broadband delivery, with a policy goal of most businesses having access to the network by 2015 (according to current Government estimations).  UFB is delivered via fibre optic cable that must be installed in the street and then connected individually to each building.

Once UFB is available to your business, you can expect considerable cost savings as you will be able to reduce your reliance on in-house servers and move to remote, cloud based storage technology and services for faster data sharing and backup integrity.

Businesses will realise significant productivity improvements and increased revenue generation possibilities by implementing Callnet’s new UFB based complete office & VOIP solutions, which offer speeds of up to 100mbs downstream and 50mbs upstream – approximately twice that of VDSL and four times faster than ADSL2.

Callnet’s UFB fibre services are currently only available to Auckland based customers, with nationwide availability expected in the near future.


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Benefits To Your Business

  • Direct connection to the fibre network = considerable speed improvements
  • Ability to truly consolidate internet communication capability
  • Reliable and continuous service, typically delivered via underground fibre
  • Huge cost and time savings possible
  • Online real-time management of VOIP services
  • Easy to use & simple installation – no hidden costs


  • Quality Of Service tuning provides a guaranteed volume of voice over internet traffic on your connection.
  • Simple install – singular port for your phone and PC
  • Easy to grow VOIP solution – Just add another phone, plug and play
  • Phones can be used on any internet connection

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* Fibre is currently only available in Auckland. Speeds and availability may vary.

10GB PLAN$95

  • 100mbps downloads, and 50mbps uploads*

100GB PLAN$125

  • 100mbps downloads, and 50mbps uploads*

300GB PLAN$150

  • 100mbps downloads, and 50mbps uploads*