Complete Office on Naked DSL

Complete Office on Naked DSL


Callnet’s DSL services offer high speed internet access with either VDSL or ADSL2, over the traditional copper network, with or without a phone line.

Depending on your location, VDSL may not yet be available in which case, we provide ADSL.

Both ADSL and VDSL offer broadband at speeds as fast as your line can give:

  • ADSL delivers up to 15Mbps per second download and up to 800k up.
  • VDSL delivers up to 50 Mbps per second download and up to 10 Mbps upload.

Most users experience 8-10Mbps down (ADSL) or 25 Mbps down (VDSL) with 800k up (ADSL) and 6 Mbps up (VDSL).

Benefits For Your Business

  • Consolidate your communications across the internet
  • Reliable and continuous Service
  • Save costs and time with online real-time management
  • Easy to use & simple installation – no hidden costs


  • Quality Of Service tuning provides a guaranteed volume of voice over internet traffic on your connection.
  • Simple install – singular port for your phone and PC
  • No extra wiring costs
  • Easy to grow – Just add another phone, plug and play
  • Phones can be used on any internet connection

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* Broadband speeds are dependent upon your proximity to the exchange.

10GB ADSL2+ Plan$75

  • 15mbps downloads, and 800kbps uploads*

100GB ADSL2+ Plan$95

  • 15mbps downloads, and 800kbps uploads*

300GB VDSL Plan$150

  • 50mbps downloads, and 10mbps uploads*