Callnet VOIP - Call UsOverview of process

Talk to our team 0508 000 747 to discuss your requirements

  1. We will discuss your business comms with you to understand the right solutions for your business:
    • How many users and phones you need, and what services are missing e.g. voicemail to email, call centre flows, hunt groups etc.
    • Calling habits: for example; do you use 0800, do you wish to use your existing infrastructure and services
    • Do you have more than one business location, and/or users working from home, globally or on the road?
  2. We request a recent copy of your telephone bill so that we can build a true like for like proposal:
    • What kind of calls you make
    • How many calls you make each month and to where
    • We also need this detail of account provider account number name on bill and numbers.
  3. You sign up and agree to our terms and conditions and we agree to meet yours.

Moving your business to VOIP

  • Callnet will provide a Naked Broadband or Dedicated Internet connection (depending upon your requirements).
  • This connection is installed and tested on your site by a telecoms technician.
  • This connection works independently of your existing network initially, so that it can be set up prior to the switchover of your phone numbers.
  • Please first check that the service is available in your area [click here to check].


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  • Once the telecoms technician has installed and tested your connection, take the router out of the box. It will have been pre-configured with your access login details.
  • Plug the router into the new wall socket with the cable provided and the power adapter. Check that all four lights come on (except phone light).
  • If you would prefer to test the connection first – you can plugin a laptop or PC directly to the router to confirm the internet is working as expected.
  • At this point you will then need to transfer your internal network (LAN) to the new network.
  • Unplug your existing internal network from your old router and plug it into the new Callnet router (support for this is available over the phone if required).
  • Callnet remotely manages your router and phones and will configure your phone numbers according to where each phone is located. See porting below.
  • If you need support for printing or if devices have static IPs please contact us.
  • If you need support for email, our outgoing email server is

Plugging in Phones

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  • You are now ready to plugin your phones at each nominated desk.
  • Unplug the LAN network cable from your PC and plug it into the phone’s WAN port.
  • Then, using another network cable (supplied), connect the phone’s PC socket to the PC LAN port.

Porting Process

  • Porting takes 5 working days to take your existing number(s) and migrate them to the Callnet VOIP platform.
  • During this time, your existing landlines should be retained and should work as normal.
  • We will require your current provider’s name and your account number for each number you wish to port

Help and Support

Help and support is available at any time by calling us on 0508 000 747