Callnet's Complete Office Solution


Callnet’s Complete Office is a comprehensive technology package that will meet all of your business communications needs.  Guaranteed to work in any business environment, it’s simple and easy to deploy.

How VOIP works

  • Callnet provides you with an internet connection where required, within 5 working days
  • We provide the phone hardware and router that connects to the internet
  • We port your number within 5 working days
  • You make calls across the internet and save money

Benefits For Your Business

  • Consolidate your communications across the internet
  • Reliable and continuous service
  • Save costs and time with online real-time management
  • Easy to use & simple installation – no hidden costs


  • Simple install – singular port for your phone and PC
  • No extra wiring costs
  • Easy to grow – Just add another phone, plug and play
  • Phones can be used on any internet connection
  • Extensive call management capabilities [read more]

Installation and Transfer Process

Get Started: Order below now or call 0508 000 747

Complete Office Solution 1$99

  • Hosted phones only cost + Voice Tie

Complete Office Solution 2$115

  • Full hosted office for two users and Fax Mail

Complete Office Solution 3$135

  • Full hosted office for two users, Fax Mail and ADSL2+ 100GB Internet

Complete Office Solution 4$175

  • Full hosted office for two users, Fax Mail and VDSL 100GB Internet