Callnet Telecommunications Solutions

voip cablesCallnet offers a complete range of telecommunications services from fixed line services, through to a complete VOIP (Voice Over IP) solution and great broadband products and plans, such as fast DSL through to UFB (fibre).

Fixed Lines For Business

For fixed line business users, we can supply and manage all existing lines, calling only, toll-free calling, internet and any other fixed line services you may use.

With Callnet, you will experience excellent customer service, reduced costs, and a real time billing engine so that you can fully control and manage your cost centres and visualise accurate data across the business.

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VOIP for Business

VOIP is now the standard method for business communications solutions. VOIP offers businesses many advantages at a low cost and access to a wide range of products and services;

  • Cheaper calling rates
  • Higher capacity to make calls
  • A range of features e.g. voicemail to email, faxmail, auto-attendant, hunt groups, call centre queues, conference calling, time of day routing etc.
  • A range of compatible devices, such as, cordless phones, through to full IP desk phones
  • Free calling between sites and users
  • Non-geographic number ranges, including Austrian numbers
  • and many more features

Simply login to the customer portal and manage your entire business communications online!

Contact us to find out more or call us on: 0508 000 747


Business Broadband

With our business broadband packages, you can choose the internet connectivity solution that best suits your business requirements.

For example, broadband with business phone lines, or a naked DSL connection as part of a Complete Office Solution.

Naked VDSL offers speeds of upto 50MB down and 10MB up and can be installed in parallel with your existing setup, to allow full testing before cut-over – to avoid any downtime for the business.

Finally, New Zealand is experiencing fibre roll-out.  Fibre – also known as Ultra Fast Broadband, offers incredible speeds.  However, availability is currently limited –  click here to see what services are available at your address.

Contact us to find out more or call us on: 0508 000 747

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