Callnet Launches Complete Office Solution

Callnet's Complete Office Will Unjumble Your Comms

Callnet’s Complete Office Will Unjumble Your Comms

Callnet’s Complete Office is a comprehensive package that provides an “all you need” solution for your business, including Voice, Data and Internet.

At the launch event, CEO Mark Seavill said

Callnet is now providing total guaranteed solutions that work.  Small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand and Australia now have easy access to advanced telephony functionality that traditionally was only available to those who made big investments in hardware.

With the advancement of internet speeds across the country, SMEs can easily run their entire business across any ADSL or VDSL broadband internet connection.  The technology of prioritising voice over internet traffic, means quality calling is now a standard in VOIP communications.

Callnet’s comprehensive online realtime billing platform allows users to aggregate their call records to view and understand usage of all services e.g. 0800s, inbound-calling and outbound.

With Callnet’s Complete Office it is integrated into the billing platform and allows the user a one stop login to control all numbers anywhere , anytime and to have complete control without additional costs.


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Article published on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 and is filed under News.